To Wear Gloves or Not to Wear Crossfit Gloves

Crossfit Gloves Add Grip There are a lot of athletes who simply don’t like to wear Crossfit gloves. They don’t fit right, they affect my grip, they slip, etc. True in some instances, but many gloves are well-made and can offer the grip you want.  Just yesterday I had arrived early to my WOD. Early … Read more

Ripped Hands and the Ripple Effect.

Ripping Your Hands and the Ripple Affects ​If you’re not wearing Crossfit  hand protection and you don’t know what ripped hands are, let me tell you.  Each week at the box you handle a bar, do endless toes to bar, chest to bar, snatches, kettlebell swings etc.  All of these movements are done in a … Read more