Review: Rehband 7051 Knee Sleeves

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Today I’m reviewing Rehband 7051 Knee Sleeves. They are probably the best knee sleeves on the market and easily the most popular among CrossFitters and power lifters today. They have built up a lot of hyp recently, but are they as good as they seem. Let’s see.

I’m going to take a look at them 5 different ways today as follows

  • The pros and cons of course
  • The material and does or will it last for you
  • What can you use the 7051 knee sleeve for?
  • What sizing options are there for you

The Rehband 7051 stands out and it is meant to make a statement as the colour is bright blue and only bright blue. When you see someone wearing bright blue knee sleeves they are most likely wearing the 7051s.

I wear knee sleeves, but currently don’t have Rehband.

Here is what Rehband has to say and they are spot on

  • Knee sleeve in 7mm Neoprene
  • Patented anatomic construction
  • Stays in place during workouts
  • Higher muscle coordination
  • Increased joint stability
  • Reduced energy waste
  • Fast warm-up and retained temperature
  • Relief of knee pain

The Price – Steep

The Rehband 7051 are on the pricey side, but are better quality than most. If you don’t want to spend the money on the Rehband, there are plenty of other’s you can choose from in our Amazon Shop

What Makes These Rehband 7051 s so Popular?

First let me start by saying that this knee sleeve is on top when you look at quality and design. A good knee sleeve has to do what it is supposed to do and this one does that better than others.

The other reason is surely because 2 of the best and well-known Crossfitters of today wear them. Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet from Canada and the 2014 fittest woman in the world, and Rich Froning of the US and 4 time fittest man in the world insist on Rehband knee sleeves

Durability and Material

The Rehband 7051 is made of 100%neoprene. The same material wet suits are made of and what most knee sleeves are also made of. They are 7mm thick which is the thickest you would want and still be able to move. 7mm is also common in most lifting competitions. This thickness gives maximum support, compression while still allowing comfortable mobility. Keep in mind that the sleeves I speak about are for Crossfit and lifting. If you are a runner, go for a thinner material


Not much in the way of negative points, but just as all neoprene knee sleeves you need to wash them frequently. They don’t take too long to smell pretty bad and could leave you standing alone in the gym after everyone ran away. I just throw mine in the washing machine with my gym gear every 2-3 workouts and they come out clean.

As I mentioned before they are among the most expensive, but as with most things, with quality comes price and I won’t complain when I get my pair.

The Sizing

Rehband has a good range of sizes from XS to XXL so they won’t leave a smaller woman out. Here’s what I learned about determining what size is best for you. Find the middle of your knee cap and measure 5 7/8 inches (don’t know why that number) and then measure the circumference of your leg at the 5 7/8 mark and use that number to match to a size on the sizing chart. Here’s a video to make this a little less muddy.

When I buy my knee sleeves I go for a size smaller just to make sure I have the right compression and they are snug throughout with no gaps.

Rehband is known for their durable products and that includes these knee sleeves. I have a gym buddy that has been wearing his for 4 years and he’s a 4-5 times a week guy. Yes they last long. The knee sleeves I wear now I have to replace every 2-3 years because they breakdown and become too loose to be any good.

Considering the all the sweat absorbed and the movement during exercise, the longevity of Rehband material is nothing short of impressive. Observe the stitching closely. You’ll see that Rehband’s fine craftsmanship keeps the sleeves intact effectively. It definitely makes your $40/sleeve worth it.

The Comfort Factor

When I talk 7mm I talk heavy-duty thick. Heavy duty warmth, comfort, stability and freedom of movement, but I also say heavy-duty sweat. These things are hot and get very wet very fast. That’s a good thing because the heat is keeping your knee joints warm and loose.

I go back to cleaning. They become a sweaty mess after a hard workout so don’t stash these in your zipped up gym bag for a couple of days or you will regret opening your gym bag if you know what I mean. Keeping them clean will actually help them to last longer.

Recovery Time and Compression Benefits

I wear my knee sleeves regularly and find that from time to time when going for a backsquat PR (personal best) my knees are a bit sore afterword. With them I lift heavier and have no pain. I can only imagine how much better I will feel with the Rehband 7051.

I have also found out that physiotherapists recommend these sleeves as well as some sports physicians so grab a pair on your way out 🙂

Final Thoughts

These sleeves are a no brainier. If you want the best in knee sleeves look no further. They are the best at keeping your knees warm and help keep the joint lubricated. They are the best in durability and comfort. Heavy lifts are where they excel at because that is where you need your knee sleeves to be there for you then most.

The knee sleeves I have now haven’t much life left in them, but I will keep them to the end and then grab a pair of Rehband 7051s and probably never look back.





Me, I’ve been an active fittness buff for as long as I can remember and 5 years ago I put all of my efforts into the great sport of CrossFit.  This sport has elevated my fitness to new levels through a lot of hard work and dedication and I want to share this with you. Fitness keeps us healthy so get out there.

27 thoughts on “Review: Rehband 7051 Knee Sleeves

  1. Hey there! The Rehband 7051 Knee Sleeves look pretty comfortable. I like that it comes in a wide range of sizes also. How would I tell what my size is? Also, could this be used for general knee support like if someone has weak knees or something like that outside of crossfit? I’m also looking for something to cushion my knees when I have to bend down.



    • I would use something far thinner and lighter.  These are pretty heavy duty and i’m afraid they would be overkill for you.

      There is a video on the page that tells you exactly how to measure for them.  You measure 5 7/8 inches or 15 cm from the center of your knee cap.  Then measure the circumference of your leg at that point.  Use the number in the sizing chart

  2. Wow it is what I need to get better in gym! I am always with knee pain. You made a great review about Rehband 7051 knee sleeves, I liked. I saw the video to get the correct size, but know what? my problem is that the biggest part of my leg is up the knees… my thigh, I truly need a Rehband 7051 knee sleeves, but I don’t know if I can find the correct size without measure my thigh. I will make the measure and see if find my size. I’ll be back in your site.Thank you for this review it is very useful for me 🙂

  3. I’m not active in crossfit, but I do bootcamp at my gym. I could really benefit from something like this, I think. In bootcamp (and I imagine crossfit is the same), sometimes it’s so quick and the weights or so heavy that I worry I’ll injure myself when my form fails. Does it extend high enough to help with IT band too?

    • They would le perfect for what you do.

      As far as IT band, no.  This is hip and knee related and the knee sleeve is specific for kne joints.  I wouldn’t trust knee sleeves for that.

  4. Hello again Stew,

    I am back for more 🙂 

    what are your thought on wearing just the one knee sleeve during rehab?  I know it is a strange question, I will tell you why.

    I hyper-extended my knee a few years back and it has been a real pain ever since.  I did go through a full rehab and get it back to reasonable shape but when i slack off for a few weeks it is like I slide back down that slope all over again.

    Now, I find myself working it a lot more often to try and build it back up again. Also another question I hear pretty often – If you wear knee sleeves all the time will your knees come to rely on them and depend on them to lift your best?

    • first off, he’s you can wear only one and a lot of people do.

      I use my knee sleeves when i’m doing something where I need them.  My knees are strong and I hope to keep them that way.

      If i’m doing lighter lifting or body movements I pull them down 

  5. This was a great Review on the Rehband 7051 knee sleeves.

    Can you use the Rehband 7051 to play the actual sports is it durable enough. I play a lot of sports just want to know if the Rehband 7051 knee sleeves will keep up with me.

    I really like the hygiene part of this knee sleeves because being able to wash it frequently will help.

    Thank you again for this great article.

  6. Hi there, and cheers for the article. 

    This Rehband 7051 looks like quite a sturdy piece of kit and I was wondering if it was too heavy for general road running instead of gym work?

    I messed my knee and ligaments up as a teenager on the right side leg and when it gets cold I often feel I need a support to get out running. Would this be suitable or a far too heavy choice for running with?

    Cheers for your help in advance


  7. As the old saying goes – You get what you pay for 🙂 Quality trumps Price. At least for me it does.

    This knee sleeve looks super comfy and durable too! You mention having to wash them every two to three workouts. Would you recommend a cold or a hot wash?

    Thanks 🙂

  8. I wish I had found your site sooner.  See, I’ve invested in a lot of cheap knee braces and sleeves over the years, and now I see the error of my ways.  I should have invested in a more expensive quality product that would go the distance instead of always looking at price as my absolute bottom line.  I will check into these.  Does the neoprene fibers make your skin itch?  Just curious.

  9. I’m looking for a good knee supporting  as in only using tubi grip at the moment to train with.

    The material it’s made of I should imagine retains body heat around the knee which can only help during training to keep the muscles loose.

    I like the life span of these knee supports as well. I’m happy to pay to get my money’s worth with a product so I am not out of by the price of these if they provide the quality and support I require.

  10. Hello and thank you for this wonderful review. I got into weight lifting as of recently and I need to buy the proper equipment. Now, I am not the most experienced person out there but these knee sleeves seems just right. I noticed that you did not have any negatives regarding them except price maybe.

    I personally do not think about money when there is quaility involved, so I’m definitely going to buy these.

    Thank you once again.


  11. Hey Stew, As someone who’s bought many knee sleeves to help with my knee discomfort, I’m happy I found this. I injured my knee last year due to walking too much (you read that right) had the wrong type of shoes it seems and when it came time to walk more or do heavy lifting my knee felt pretty unbalanced. Tried many different knee sleeves, will definitely give this a chance. Do you think this type of sleeve is just for working out during lifting only or it would be okay to jog and run with it? thanks for the information.  

    • Grab a knee sleeve much lighter and thinner for walking.  This sleeve is meant for heavy lifting and heavy workouts where knees are put to the test.

  12. Great review of the Rehband 7051s, I have a recurring knee injury acquired a year ago from dance lessons,it’s made it too difficult for me to go back to exercising because it can get painful, reading through this review I am wondering if it can work for me or it might be too thick for this purpose.currently I wear a know knee sleeve which can be too loose ,Lol and I doubt if it’s helping or making things worse. I definitely will save to get a Rehband 7051,do they have any that is less than the 7mm thickness?,also is it breathable? Some of these materials don’t breath and can be very uncomfortable.

  13. This is a great product. As a dancer I usually have the risk of having a knee injury. I take great care of my body, specially of my kness because I know they are of the hardest injuries to recover from.

    As a not so small size woman, I am guessing that the XS or S size could work for me. Is there a way to verify this? 

    Would you recommend wearing a knee sleeve as preventive for someone that doesn’t have an injury or it is too much sweat for no benefit? 

  14. This is a great product. I am a dancer and have the risk of having a knee injury. I take great care of my body so I can avoid this, I take special care of my kness because I know they are of the hardest injuries to recover from.

    That video on how to measure your knee for the sleeve is a great resource, I had no idea about that.

    Would you recommend wearing a knee sleeve as preventive for someone that doesn’t have an injury or it is too much sweat for little benefit? 

    • If you don’t have an injury and you aren’t doing exercises that are extreme on your knees, then I wouldn’t wear them.  You need to use your own muscles unaided to build up muscle and the knee sleeves will deter this

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